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How to Include the Internet in Small Business Marketing

Small business marketing is something that most people don’t think enough about. They concentrate on the running of the business itself and often end up overlooking the marketing aspect because they feel that they don’t have the time or the money to devote to a proper marketing campaign. The best place to overcome these obstacles […]

Local Internet Marketing Consultant

The ever increasing value of proper internet marketing has, in effect, created a new industry. Because business owners know how much they can profit by having an online marketing campaign, they’re looking to get help promoting their business on the internet. In the early days of the internet, people who ran businesses with websites just […]

Networking in Small Business

Anyone that has their own business knows the value of networking. It is through the connections that you have with clients, other business owners, and even competitors that will ultimately provide you with the leverage to increase the profitability of your business. What people need to learn now is that internet local marketing can give […]

How To Educate Small Business Owners about Internet Marketing

When a person runs a small business, they are usually either working with a very small team or even all on their own. Usually, the expertise of that team is going to be devoted to the area of business that they are in, not towards internet marketing. As a result of this, many small business […]

Social Media: How It Works for a Small Business

When you’re trying to create a marketing campaign for a small business, you need to think about the best ways to generate the maximum effect for the minimum effort. While this is surely a truism which applies to all types of marketing, for all types of businesses, it is especially important in the case of […]

Is Google Really Calling Local Businesses?

You happen to receive a phone call from someone that identifies himself or herself as being a Google representative. Don’t jump to the conclusion that it’s a phone scam. It has been confirmed by Mike Blumenthal (of Google) that these phone calls are an element in Google’s venture to tidy up local business records and […]

Obtaining Customer Reviews on the Internet

When you’re selling products, whether only online, or in the real world, reviews are important. If you’re trying to sell SEO services for example, before anyone buys your service, one of the first things they are going to do is try and Google reviews for your particular service. This allows them to get firsthand information […]

Networking With Small Business Owners

For anyone running a small business, it is difficult to operate in a vacuum. The more you isolate yourself, the more you have to do everything alone. Instead, it is much more productive to network with other small business owners to see if there are ways that you can help each other. For instance, one […]

Review Ranking Filters – Social Review Ranking

Local Internet Marketing seems to be about numbers, those pesky algorithms that have haunted up for over a decade now, with little answers. Let’s all welcome YELP to mysterious algorithm game. You see, YELP, in their own words is Yelp is the fun and easy way to find, review and talk about what’s great – […]

Why Small Business Marketing Should Include the Internet

Small businesses need to use every cost effective method that they can to market themselves. Large corporations have endless dollars to throw at marketing campaigns but this is a far cry from how most small businesses operate. These smaller companies need to find ways to let their potential customers know about their organization without effectively […]