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Josh Nelson *

Initially, I was a little skeptical and didn't really know how much value it would bring to the table. What I found though, was there is a lot of really powerful content in Local Marketing Source. I believe it the most comprehensive training that's been put to gather on the internet marketing for local business. If you're thinking about signing up for LMS, I highly recommend it.

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Scott Meadows *

I had dabbled doing some search engine marketing for a friend of mine and found that I really enjoyed and as equally important, that it could earn me a decent income. So I did what anyone would do, I searched the web for training courses on how to sharpen my ax, hone my skills, etc. I have to tell you there are some really great courses from some top level gurus out there, but what you'll find are there are more lumps of coal than nuggets of gold. Unfortunately in our niche, there are a lot of ""snake oil"" salesmen who are large on hype, very low on quality.

Through my research I stumbled upon Scott's Local Marketing Source. I'm a business analyst at heart so I dug into it deeper. I searched for those who had taken the course and actually contacted a few of them....ALL of them could say nothing but amazing things about Scott and his system for creating a local marketing business and filling it with customers.

Based on the research I did, I jumped right in. What I enjoyed about Scott's approach is that he tells it like it is. He's direct, knowledgeable, and the course really takes you down the trail of learning how to sell online marketing services, best practices, and how to get clients. I was nervous about charging clients more than a few hundred bucks for our services, now I honestly don't pick up the phone for clients who aren't willing to invest $1,000 - $2,000 a month in our services. Why? Because we deliver. We're able to generate visibility, leads, and revenue for our customers.

I believe I read somewhere that the average customer lifespan for a business in our niche is 4-6 months. I'm happy to say that our company is keeping our clients for 18-24 months on average. Not too shabby eh. Also we have some clients paying us $3k - $4K per month with one client having spent nearly $60k with us in the past 14 months.

How did we did we do this? We followed the steps in Scott's course and implemented. People, I'm telling you it works...the hardest part is getting off of your ass and implementing what Scott teaches. You WILL NOT grow your business if you sit at your desk and think about what you need to do, only when you apply the principals taught in Scott's courses and get your butt out there and sell. It'll work. Trust me!

Within 8 months of going through our first module of Scott's we were clocking in at over $100k per year. My goal for the next 6 months is to double the business and be earning $250k by June 2015. Following Scott's advice and taking action will get me there I'm sure!"

By far the Facebook group has been an invaluable resource for our business. If we're racking our brains on something and/or we need some advice, putting it out there to the group has proved to be well worth the investment. I feel that the group is a group of my colleagues, each of us helping one another.

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Edward Gelb *

I started from zero and a little bit of internet affiliate marketing knowledge. I found Scott's course after looking at several options. I thought this was the best option. From the webinars given weekly and studying up to 5 hours a day, I had gotten the courage to go out and start talking to potential clients. I quit everything before knowing that this is what i wanted to do. I now have 5 clients and growing. My income is a little less than 5 k a month and I am certain it will grow. I am now looking to set up a vertical market in local business marketing especially after visiting Josh Nelson in Miami. I plan on having one of the most successful local business marketing agencies in the southeast.

Scott's relentless support and unselfish sharing of his knowledge and experience was a true reason for my upcoming success. I had found that the Wednesday webinars and network was such an overwhelming reason for the level that I am at. It is a starting ground for anyone that wants to get into the business. Besides having to have the balls to get out there and fight for success and the ability to study and accept mistakes and frustrations, a good support network is critical. It is an ever changing field and there is competition. Despite the competitors, if you have the knowledge and support, you win. I am already surpassing my competitors and a great compliment that I received yesterday was that I am already making enemies in my area. Not with clients but with my competitors because people are noticing my work and are seeking my services. I thank Scott and LMS profusely. There are a lot of wonderful smart people in this group and the contributors make it such a pleasure and help make it work. I would not want to go anywhere else.

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Aubrey Lorentz *

Jason *

Scott Gallagher *

In 2005 I started my first internet marketing agency. That would be CCS. The company has got over 200 different business clients to this day, and with my SEO knowledge I was able to find a national same-day delivery company called NAPAREX. In 2010, NAPAREX delivered over 51,000 packages. To date, the company has done well over 150,000 deliveries, doing fairly well.

People wanted to learn how I was doing this and what I was doing, and Local Marketing Source was founded, with my partner Ryan Smith. Since our inception, we’ve built a variety of different education tools and programs.

This company is my baby. It's a hobby and passion more than a means to a lifestyle. I remember I hated 2500 word essays in University, but the membership site has over a million scripted words in hundreds of videos, effectively categorized. It is my best stab at trying to create something to give somebody a business-in-a-box. Minus accounting, finance and legal end of things. That’s not what I am here to talk about today, but it’s an awesome product and you can go and take a look at some of the free material that we got surrounding that.

I spent bunch of money on a formal education and carry a degree in Commerce, with a specially in Marketing. I own half a dozen computers, couple of tablets, some cellular phones and services, but I don't carry one myself. Relationships are what are really important, and that is also the key strategy in marketing a local business online.

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