Local Marketers Sales Kit

Local Marketers Sales Kit

A Proven, Guided Step-by-Step System to get HIGH VALUE Local Business Clients

local marketers sales kit

Included Video Training

  • Module 1 – Online Marketing Defined Online marketing principles and demonstrate how they apply to an off-line business, that brick-and-mortar company to promote themselves online. The two core components of online marketing, driving traffic and conversion and reputation management online.
  • Module 2 – Driving Traffic Methods and ROI This provides a high-level overview in education of all the best strategies for local business to expose themselves on the Internet. WE cover search engines and a brief history and overview, e-mail marketing and quick philosophies, search marketing including organic, PPC, and local. We discuss video marketing and of the many strategies why we are focusing on three. I clarify mobile marketing and it is simply a distribution means to enhance your strategies.
  • Module 3 – Conversion Defined In this module we cover the clear understanding of conversion for a local business, such as what types of call-to-actions to achieve on website pages, profiles and some strategies to implement.
  • Module 4 – White & Black Hat SEO Comparison This module covers the difference between White Hat marketing and Black Hat marketing and some examples of each method so you can differentiate yourself as high-quality ethical service provider.
  • Module 5- Selling Your Services In this module we cover the introduction to Business to Business Sales. We introduce how to find leads, close them and sell them more value added services. The four main section of sales I’m cover are Lead Acquisition, The Sales Process, Up Sell Opportunities and Sales Tools.
  • Module 6 – Offline Lead Sourcing In this module we cover the tools required and specific sources for leads with clear strategies to approach, such as industry trade shows, local chamber of commerce or your own event promotion.
  • Module 7 – Local Marketing Sales Process This is a very extensive module covering details of selecting your niches, approaching qualified leads, educating prospects, detailed analysis of the prospect website, overview of the SEO Sales Trail, proposal creation, close, follow up and some role play.
  • Module 8 – Client Review To Sale Strategy The SEO Sales Trail is our process for sitting down with a prospect or a telephone meeting via webinar and demonstrating to them that they need your service. During this process we show you how to create a perceived pain in the prospect by demonstrating to the client that they are missing out on business. Then that wound is agitated by confirming their poor online exposure is being outdone by competition. Finally when it’s ready to go for the close, we show you exactly how to do so even if you have no clients.
  • Module 9 – Upselling: What and How This is an advanced module covering how to properly identify upselling opportunities and when you should cross-sell your services.
  • Bonus Module – Offline Lead Generation In this bonus module we teach about Offline Marketing for a Local Internet Marketing Agency. This video covers the three main components of offline marketing, which are Lead Generation, Market Selection and Tools & Assets.

Supporting Documents, Templates & Tools

  • Client Getting Report  This is an example of a report that is used to educate and stimulate potential clients. Give this document to prospects to help earn a face to face meeting assessing their web presence.  You can take this document and brand it.
  • LMS SEO Sales Trail Checklist This document will provide a step-by-step approach to create a SEO website assessment for a local business prospect. This document compliments my well praised SEO Sales Trail.
  • LMS Sample Proposal Creation Guide This guide will help you in creating a local marketing proposal.
  • Local Internet Marketing PowerPoint Presentation This is a full PowerPoint presentation giving an overview of Local Internet Marketing. This is the presentation you can use for a webinar, seminar, workshop, online group or a specific prospect.
  • Prospect Website Assessment Information Sheet  This is the document used for during the SEO Sales Trail, that allows you to compare client keywords and their competitors’ keywords along with a competitive analysis.
  • LMS Sample Proposals  These are the proposal templates Scott uses with his agency. With almost 20 years of B2B Sales experience, it’s taken him 6 years to refine my proposals for this business. You get full extensive proposals for SEO, Local Search Marketing, Website Development and Email Marketing
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