LMS Premium Agency Growth Group

Scott Gallagher-money-shot mediumVision an environment where I’m working with you.  Everyday.  Until you are completely rocking and don’t need me.


LMS Premium Agency Growth Group

Imagine a workday where I’m a partner, but you own all your profits.  A workday that is structured with goals and a plan to achieve those goals

This is a 3-month intensive workshop intended to help you create and implement the proper systems to manage growth.  And you will make it happen, or I’ll continue to work with you.  But I’m picky who I work with.

This program will provide a private coaching environment that provides accountability for you to accomplish what you need.

This workshop applies to those with no experience in online marketing as well as the experienced marketers.  You just have to be ready to work hard along side me.  I’m confident those that are accepted into the program WILL achieve success, as long as you’re ready to put the time in.

Watch the entire Video Series of the Growth Group

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I don’t want your credit card yet.  This is a link to apply to the program.  If accepted, you will be required to provide a $500 deposit within 48 hours or you lose your spot.  Applicants will be notified of acceptance within 7 days of their application.

If accepted, you’ll agree to become a case study and testimonial for this program.  So I’m VERY motivated to help you achieve success during the 90 day program.

As a guarantee, if WE do not achieve the desired results, I’ll work with you for another 3 months until YOU achieve the results.  You need to achieve success for both of our goals.  During the first 30 days of the program, you may ask for a No Questions Asked FULL Refund.  Plus I’ll pay you $100 if you feel your time was wasted.


Weekly Activities

Mondays – Weekly Workshop – 3hr

  • This will be hosted weekly through Google Hangouts. Webcam is not always necessary, but preferred.
  • We will be continuing the Structured Itinerary found below – Each week items to be created and completed with the experience and efficiency of our experience
  • Review Accountability Check List
    • This is a weekly check list to hold students accountable. Teacher and students agree on weekly goals

Wednesdays – LMS Member Call – 1hr + Q&A

  • All content during this call will be made available to all LMS members.
  • This call is a high level piece discussing the industry as a whole.

Fridays – Premium Members private check in with Scott.

Each student will have a 60+ minute window to SKYPE directly and privately with Scott. The teacher will review the activities for the week and discuss the plan for the following week.

Everyday – Students will have full access to Scott’s Skype and Cellular during business hours


Premium Agency Growth Group_smaller



Your Potential 12 Week Structured Itinerary

*The program is designed for you and planned out with you and Scott.  This is an example of what your 12-weeks might look like.

Week 1

Build Your Plan

  • Marketing Plan Template

Set Up Your Toolsmarketing-tools

  • CRM
  • Client Tracking
  • Financial
  • Video / Audio / Images

Week 2

Create Marketing Material

  • Websitewebsites
  • Business Card
  • Post Cardpost card
  • Graphics
    • Logo
    • Professional Photograph
    • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & YouTube Banner

Week 3

Create Marketing Material

  • Email Marketing Auto Responder
  • Webinarautoresponder
  • Opt-in Video(s)
  • Thank for opt-in Video
  • Social Media Channels
    • Google (+ Youtube)
    • Facebookdvd
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
    • iTunes (Podbean)
  • Offline Mailer Package
  • Letter #1, #2 & #3

Week 4

Create Marketing Material

  • Authority Bookstacked books

Research Sales Channels

  • Qualified Lead List

Week 5

Create & Research Sales Channels

  • Proposal Templateproposal
  • Prepare and Mail Mailer #1
  • Follow Up Call – Book Initial Meeting

Week 6

Begin Sales Process

  • Prepare and Mail Mailer #2letter1
  • Follow Up Call – Book Initial Meeting

Week 7

Sales Process

  • Follow Up Calls – Book 10 initial meetings
  • SEO Sales Trail
  • Proposal & Closing

Monthly Marketing for your Agency1yrplan

  • Create 1yr Content Strategy.
  • Set Up Monthly Webinar
    • Record & create from recording
      • Video
      • Podcast
      • Transcription (blog post)
      • PDF Images
      • eMails to Audience (or autoresponder)
        • Invitation
        • Replay

Week 8

Client Fulfillment

  • Set Up Operations Department
    • Client Documents
      • Client 1 yr Plan
      • Client Quarterly Execution Plan
      • Client Profile Sheet
      • Client Inventory of Assets


Week 9

Client Fulfillment

  • Month 1 Implementation
    • Client 1yr planquarerlyplan
    • Client Quarterly Execution Plan
    • Month 1 Checklist

Week 10

Client Fulfillment

  • Month 2 & Ongoing Implementation

3 Pillars of Local Search

3 pillarsProfiles

  • What & How


Citations & Distribution

  • Theme Content
  • Local Content


  • Create and Implement RAS

Week 11

Authoritative Marketing

  • Map Industry/Local Associations & Speaking Engagements
    • Create Speaker Profile and Distribute
    • Follow Up Phone Calls
  • Targeted Facebook Advertising

Week 12

Managing Your People


Complete Your Application Now

There is no cost to apply and you will reserve your place in line

applynow1The class size is limited to 5 seats per group.  If you are approved, you’ll have 48 hours to provide your $500 deposit. The total cost of the program is $5,000 and billed over 3 months.  During the first 30 days of the program, you may request for a No Questions Asked Full Refund.  If you feel I wasted your time, I will also pay you an additional $100 above your refund.