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Founded by leading experts in the Local Internet Marketing Industry, Local Marketing Source LLC provides extensive training for marketing consultants, marketing agencies and local businesses. We deliver the core training on how to sell Internet Marketing services to local businesses, how to win with Google Local and managing all of the Internet Marketing activities to bring local companies online.

Now if you're interested in learning about something off the wall and different, you should check out the Blockchain, NFT, eSports and RTS-Racing Game project I'm working on.

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    An Active Community

    The Local Marketing Source community is one where you can feel at home, knowing you have the security of both veterans and beginner entrepreneurs.  Our active community is full of all types of questions and comments.  And because we have students from around the globe, the community is active on our private Facebook group anytime you need help.

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  • Marketing Fundamentals Course FREE!

    8 Videos FREE!

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    1. Marketing Concepts Primer
    2. Site Design Concepts and Online Campaigns
    3. Online Marketing Defined
    4. Find Your Customer Segment 
    5. Driving Traffic Methods and ROI
    6. Email Marketing Breakdown
    7. Web Assets To Market
    8. Search Marketing Defined


  • Sales Webinar
  • Explosive Sales in Local Marketing!

    Learn Scott Gallagher’s proven formula for building recurring income as a local marketer

    Webinar Presentation

    Scott Gallagher


    Topic: Explosive Sales in Local Marketing!

    Presenter: Scott Gallagher

    Description:  *Exclusive webinar with Scott Gallagher where you’ll get his 90-day formula to acquiring $10,000 in reoccurring revenue every month. This formula is extremely detailed to show you:

    • Exactly what niches to target
    • How to identify the low handing fruit in your market
    • How to approach local business owners
    • And my killer closing technique called The SEO Sales Trail


    *The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors

    Thousands of new entrepreneurs
    thrive with Local Marketing Source

    Local Marketing Sources has helped thousands with Local Marketing training to build their agency and deliver quality marketing services to small business around the world. Just take a look at what some of our students are saying...and if you want more, just click here!

    Dan Thies

    Marketers Braintrust - Texas
    Scott is an Officially Certified Friend of the Marketers Braintrust, and an expert in local business marketing. When we want to know what the heck is going on with Google's local search, figure out what some new change...we go to Scott and say, "what's up with that?" *

    Josh Nelson

    Founder - Clic Inc. - Florida
    I've spent thousands on training, and Scott's training is the most comprehensive training I've found. LMS has been key in helping me build my agency to over 7 figures! *

    Greg Storey

    Web Marketing Heros - New Zealand
    Scott not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. The biggest benefit has been the solid, ethical marketing advice on starting my own marketing agency. The opportunity to learn first hand from Scott has saved me hours of errors. *

    Andrew Cherry

    Local 2 Global - London, UK
    Scott helped me get my first client in less than two weeks! His training too my company from a dream to a reality. The SEO Sales Trail was wonderful and has saved us thousands and weeks on training. *

    *The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors

    Benefits YOu get with our Membership

  • Member Calls
  • Weekly Updates, Interviews, Latest News & Tips

    scott gallagher, ian sorensonThis membership includes videos, MP3s, transcripts, webinars, tools, and downloads of practical worksheets and templates that you apply directly to your business and your clients business.

    Combine all this with the other Local Marketing Source Member benefits such as our private member mastermind Facebook Group as weekly live Q&A calls and you will have all the support needed to create a profitable and sustainable business.

    Our member calls are conducted weekly in a live environment where you can ask questions and get immediate answers.  We also record these calls and are available 24 hours a day in your member portal.

    The member calls can be downloaded and played on your phone while driving, or on your iPad in the background as your work.


  • Expert Interviews
  • Interviews with very successful LMS students

    local marketing sourceStudents like Josh Nelson from Florida who have gone from $0 revenue to on to over $2 million in annual revenue in less than three years.

    Scott Meadows who opened a beautiful new office in South Carolina after quitting his full time job.

    Nic Dale who is getting new $15k clients weekly in New Zealand.  Then there’s Ragu who immigrated from India to pursue his agency dream in America.

    Our students are from all walks of life, from around the world, collaborating sharing their challenges and how they’ve become successful.

    Read some of the stories from our members!

    read stories

    *The results described are not typical and will vary based on a variety of factors
  • HotSeats
  • nagasaki_black_with_white_front_product From time to time we have some aggressive new students who put themselves on the hot seat!  The thing is, we’ve all been there.  We all make mistakes starting out, and during a student hot seat, we take your current situation and put together a complete plan.  Sometimes this is a plan for a customer, or your own agency.

    Either way, we encourage your take advantage of this incredible, high value benefit from the Local Marketing Source Membership.

    Click here to learn more!

  • Content Library
  •  Everything You Need!

    Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 1.15.00 PM

    Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 1.12.08 PMOur Content Library consists of over 100 training videos, dozens of webinars, hundreds of member calls and new content weekly.

    You’ll enjoy access to over 60 management documents to help you build your agency, including proposal templates, contracts, processes, systems, client documents and project management files.

    With access to all products, the Local Marketing Source portal is your one point of access.

    We're on Television and the Radio!

    We try hard to deliver valuable content weekly. During our weekly podcasts you'll enjoy the best of the industry's weekly updates, new strategies and what's happening in Scott's agency. Our YouTube channel features the visual recording of our weekly updates and includes high level monthly webinars. Finally, if you want get on live with our Faculty and have the opportunity to ask direct questions and get the goods first hand, sign up for our next webinar. Fix and Flip Loans


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