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Why Networking is Critical for Small Business

There are many critical skills that the small business owner needs. Marketing is obviously one of these and sales would be another. One pieces of small business marketing advice that all small business owners should heed though, is that networking is a skill that might be just as critical as marketing or sales. This is […]

What Does a Local Internet Marketing Consultant Do?

If you’ve been reading up on ways to promote your small business online and have been browsing marketing tips for small business, you have probably heard that a local internet marketing consultant may be able to help your company. However, it might not be clear exactly what a local internet marketing consultant does. Understanding what […]

Local Marketing Source is the new sponsor of Local BIZ Builders

I’ve got some great news!  Local Marketing Source, LLC is growing and is now the new sponsor of Local BIZ Builders, the leading local internet marketing forum for Local Internet Marketers. Recently we have become the new sponsor’s of Local Biz Buidlers, the leading local internet marketing forum.  Our goal is to continue in Keith’s, […]

Make A Marketing Job Your Own

Marketing employment is similar to almost every other type of employment, in that many of the jobs start out the same way.  Anyone who wants a job of any kind has to start by selling himself or herself to their potential employer.  People who dislike the process of job applications and interviews are often found […]

Local Internet Marketing to be BIGGEST Trend in 2011

I’m writing this post while visiting my parent’s home in Canada for the Christmas holidays in 2010.  While I’m reflecting on our accomplishments of 2010, our vision for 2011, the changes in 2010 and what the future might hold, I was surprised when my father picked up the phone book to find the phone number […]

Local Online Marketing – A New Career in Difficult Times

In today’s economy, many people are being forced to change their career choice.  With little or no jobs available, if you’re waiting for large companies to begin hiring again, you may be waiting awhile.  This predicament has many people turning to the internet as a means to earn a living when jobs are scarce.  If […]

How to Sell SEO

When selling SEO, you are selling part of a small business marketing solution. Many small business owners have heard about the power of the web and they either don’t have the time or know how to implement it themselves.  If you’ve been marketing online, you can use strategies that you already know to offer to […]