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Simple SEO for a Small Local Business in 3 Steps!

It’s really that simple!  Get your business ranked in the top 3 spots of Google in three simple steps.  It always boggles my mind why people vastly overcomplicate SEO.

First a bit of History

I got my marketing degree in the year 2000 and have been doing SEO for small businesses since 2006, so 12 years now.  I’ve seen the SEO industry go through massive changes, yet the big picture of my SEO strategies have not changed.

It’s all about Marketing

And Marketing is simply defined as created content that’s going to provide value to your target audience and distributing that content where that audience resides.  The real core of SEO is just this, quality marketing.

Find who your ideal target audience is and make sure they have all the information to make decisions to purchase your product or service.

Answer their buying objections in marketing material.  The W’s of marketing, Who, What, Where, Where, Hhy and oh, How.

3 Pillars of Local SEO

Just think of C.P and R…..CPR.  C is for content, P is for Profiles and R is for reviews.


Content on the internet can be written, visual or videos.  Articles, press releases, profile descriptions, videos, testimonials, reviews, websites, blogs, social media channels, etc.

Figuring out where to spend your time and money on which content, and what efforts should be put for where to distribute that content is the challenging part.  But following basic marketing pricinpals such as effect customer segmentations and content distribution objectives, you can easily put together a content strategy on a quarterly basis.


Many call these citations, but truthfully a citation on the internet for a business is a ‘web reference’.  This should be a business mention in a local newspaper article.  So I talk about profiles, which most of the industry calls citations.  Profiles include data aggravators, first tier and second tier directories.  These are database like Axciom, Google, Yelp, Angie’s list, etc etc etc.


Word of mouth always has been, and always will be, the form of marketing.  Reviews are merely a digital social means of this.  Having an effective Review Acquisition Program for your Hero clients or customers is critical.  Ensuring the systems in place to share high scoring reviews and quickly responding to negative reviews is paramount.

In This Video

I dig deep into a client, show you exactly the strategy for Content and Profiles.  Take a look.  If you’d like us to run a FREE Local SEO report for your business in 5 minutes, CLICK HERE.

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