Author : Scott Gallagher

Apple’s Map Debacle, Google+ Social Merg, Google Acquired Incentive Targeting, Same Day Local Delivery and Wal-Mart

Local Marketing Industry Weekly Update – #32 – November 28, 2012 This week’s agenda: • A second head rolls in the wake of Apple’s map debacle • Having Issues with Your G+Local Social Merge? My Advice: Don’t • Google Acquires Incentive Targeting For Coupon Programs • Google+ Page 500 Error Bug & Work Around • […]

Google Update, Groupon to Local, Google Maps & iTunes, Local Targeting Improvements, TIPS

Local Marketing Industry Weekly Update – #31 – November 21, 2012 This week’s agenda: • No, That Wasn’t A Panda Update — But One Is Coming • Groupon Makes Bid To Become Local (Deals) Search Engine • Google Maps App A Step Closer To iTunes Submission • Google Introduces Targeting Improvements To Help More Marketers […]

Massive Conversion Study – Keyword data going away – Google has lost in China – Local Search Volume Local Marketing Industry Weekly Update – #30 – November 15, 2012 This week’s agenda: Weekly Tips Last Week, 2nd Tier Profile. This Week → Review Acquisition Systems for Local Businesses – Next Week – social media footprint for Local Business minimum requirements THIS WEEK • Study: 36 Percent Of Mobile Automotive Searchers Convert “Within […]

Facebook Stock Pops, Apple Mini and Local, Video Ads, Yelp Sting Op, Qype Acquisition

Local Marketing Industry Weekly Update – #29 – October 31, 2012 This week’s agenda: This Week • Google May Go Public With Its Human Search Quality Rater Guidelines • Yelp Adds Restaurant Menus (And Images) • The Future of SMB POS Defined by GoPago’s Free POS System The Local Marketing Industry Weekly Update, presented by […]

Facebook Stock Pops, Apple Mini and Local, Video Ads, Yelp Sting Op, Qype Acquisition

Local Marketing Industry Weekly Update – #28 – October 24th, 2012 This week’s agenda: • Facebook stock pops 21% • Coming To You Live From The Apple (Mini) Event • Now Playing: Video Ads Arrive On LinkedIn • After Sting Operation, Yelp Outs 8 Businesses That It Caught Trying To Buy Reviews • Welcoming Qype […]

Disavow Tool, Mobile Shift, Foursquare and Local Search, Google’s EMD Update, Cutt’s “Spam Forever”

Local Marketing Industry Weekly Update – #27 – 10-17-2012 This week’s agenda: • A new tool to disavow links in Google • Map Search On PCs “Eroding,” Shifting To Mobile — comScore • Foursquare Takes On Yelp With New Homepage Search Box • Google’s EMD Update • Google’s Matt Cutts – “Search Spam Go On […]

NEW – Google’s Disavow Tool – Overcome Panda and Penguin

Links are one of the most well-known signals we use to order search results. By looking at the links between pages, we can get a sense of which pages are reputable and important, and thus more likely to be relevant to our users. This is the basis of PageRank, which is one of more than […]

Chitika Failure, Algo Updates, Review Cred on Steriods, Google Credit Card

Local Marketing Industry Weekly Update – #25 October 10, 2012 This week’s agenda: • Chitika got Google Local Numbers Wrong • Five things Facebook did this week • Chinese Telecoms dispute Congress, it’s implications and what Canada has to do with this • Google Algorithm Updates – Top Heavy and improved rankings • “We do […]

Updates on Google Panda 3.29, & Google Maps

Local Marketing Industry Weekly Update – #24 – September 19, 2012 This weeks Agenda: Google Panda Update 3.29, Google Maps includes “Interior Business Photo’s, and more… Welcome to the Local Marketing Industry Weekly Update. This presentation is brought to you as part of the Local Marketing Source professional development series for the local marketing industry. […]

Product Launch Formula – Launch Your Business Like Apple and the iPhone!

Learn how Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula is used in a Local Internet Marketing agency to find and build relationships with new prospects. LMS Faculty member Scott Gallagher, PLF graduate, will show you: – How he has implemented PLF into his lead generation system – How he has created an evergreen sales funnel for new […]