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Local Business Advertising Using Facebook

Many local businesses are accustomed to building and using their own websites to advertise and sell products.  Some local businesses are happy staying within their comfort zone and not expanding their search; choosing to only market local people within their niche.  For those who wish to expand their leads past their own website, social networks are a wonderful start for obtaining future business.

Out of all the social networks, the best platform to establish a local business is Facebook.  When a business thinks of Facebook, they mostly think of their teenage children sitting at their computer, chatting with their friends.  How could this possibly be a valid source of new business leads?

To many a local business’s surprise, advertising on Facebook is painless. Facebook is a wonderful way to search; marketing local people in their area by finding new leads that are associated with current clients.  Through these existing clients, they are introduced to others who are interested in that business’s niche. This allows the business to chat with clients and possibly take advantage of features on Facebook, such as easing their search, marketing local people and businesses within their own community, and having virtual parties with new clientele.  These virtual parties have been proven to bring others of similar niches together to help local companies.

Local businesses that wish to establish themselves on Facebook need to first create a stunning profile that catches others interests.  Through this profile, a company can search, marketing local people from their community through information such as the company’s niche, its hometown, and people associated with the company.  Most Facebook users want to be associated with others from their community, since it creates possible leads for them when it comes to their own employment and enjoyment.  It is also wise for local business to attempt search marketing local groups in their community who share the company’s niche.

For companies who wish to try search marketing local leads in their area, there are also the more traditional methods of advertising on Facebook.  When companies first join Facebook, they can create free ads on the social network by joining their Visa Business Network.  Once a business joins this network, they will receive a coupon for a free ad and other promotional offers at varying times.  Unlike many other online resources, an ad that appears on Facebook for a few hours in one day is seen by millions of people all over the world, creating new business outside of their community.

When a company desires to connect with others on Facebook, they need to remember that, above all else, it is a networking site.  Through making connections with others, businesses can create soft sales and promote their business in a way that does not overextend their marketing budget.

For a company that is concerned with search marketing local people in their area, this is the most inexpensive method of advertising that has the potential to be a major success to small, local businesses.  Through a multitude of different applications, newsfeeds, groups, and built in marketing resources, Facebook has prepared businesses to expect nothing but success on this multi-million dollar social network.

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