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Changes To Google Places and Google+ Local

LMS Faculty member Scott Gallagher presents an update on Google+ Local and the recent changes made by Google to Google Places.

What it means to SEO your local business with Google+.

Google Plus Search Engine Optimization Video

Scott was invited by Dan Thies from SEO Braintrust to provide his students with an update on the changes at Google concerning Local Businesses.  Although at the time of this webinar, most major changes aren’t yet rolled out, I dissect the plans being rolled out by Google and identify what local companies should continue to do to win in search in coming years.  To learn more about conducting an analysis of your local business contact Scott’s Chicago SEO Company.

At the end of the day, little has changed for local businesses.  They continue to need to properly market themselves in the Internet, for their specific audience, not deploy some cookie cutter SEO strategy.  the search engines are just now bringing these social signals that have existed in business for centuries.

The changes are an enhancement of a social layer, it’s allowing businesses not just a place on the Internet, but a place on the Internet to communicate and engage on the internet with their audience. It’s this engagement that provides the social signals that Google is ultimately looking to help provide for better results in their core product, Search.

Listen to the Changes for Google+ Local provided by LMS and SEO Braintrust.

Questions being answered during the webinar were provided by LMS Students.  See some of the questions being answered.

  1. Local Google+ Pages Versus Google+ Local Pages
  2. How we can people to leave reviews using their mobile Phones
  3. Will Google+ Local be changing their method of assigning categories and/or will they be more consistent in how local listings show up for local search results?
  4. How to take the current Places listing and integrate it into Google+ local?
  5. Will there be significant advantages to Google local over Places, if so what are they specifically?
  6. How to promote your Google local listing, do the fundamentals remain the same, as in citations, reviews and completing the listing or is there now a new social element that can increase exposure?
  7. Can you still promote offers such as coupons?
  8. What’s the general consensus on Google+, we have found that there presently tends to be users who are advocates or marketers and not as much of a general audience.
  9. Would interaction with the followers push our ranking up?
  10. How many minimum positive reviews are required for a better change in ranking?
  11. Would Google (search bot) crawl through the Google+ local pages?, if so, should we be targeting keywords in our post on the page?
  12. Is it true that more number of genuine followers on the page would get a better ranking?
  13. What are the significant changes from Google Places (Platform, Administration, User Interface, etc.)
  14. What are the new features that I can use to help my business clients
  15. What is the best way to market these changes to my clients
  16. How to tie an individuals Google+ profile to their business so it shows in the SERPS?
  17. Why are there MORE local results showing up now that it’s been implemented? How does THAT happen when so many of the Places pages were NOT claimed
  18. Is there a big difference now than before when Google Places and maps worked? or is it just  a matter of using Google+ Local instead of Google Places or what?

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Scott Gallagher is a founding faculty member of Local Marketing Source and owner of WON Marketing, Inc. For over 14 years Scott has provided consulting and online marketing services to hundreds of businesses.

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