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Article Marketer Name Has Been Retired

I’m not going to give you my words, since one of my employees did such a good job of informing me of this change this morning. I’m going to simply re post his email: Scott, Not sure if you saw this yet but today (10/13) was retired. The article distribution services have been taken […]

Have You Thought About Using Twitter for Your Local Business Marketing Strategy?

Social Media Marketing is the explosive new technique that Local Businesses have been flocking to as of late. Why? Well, Social Media platforms, like Twitter, are one of the quickest ways to get your business in front of droves of people within seconds. However, many Local Businesses are finding that, to use Twitter effectively, you […]

I’m A Local Business Owner…Who Cares About The WORLD Wide Web?

Let’s be upfront right from the beginning. Local business owners never have enough time. You are constantly fighting the fire of the day, managing employees, servicing customers and handling finances along with all the other “hats” you wear. So, why should you care about what is happening online when your “bread and butter” comes from […]