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Why Small Business Marketing Should Include the Internet

Small businesses need to use every cost effective method that they can to market themselves. Large corporations have endless dollars to throw at marketing campaigns but this is a far cry from how most small businesses operate. These smaller companies need to find ways to let their potential customers know about their organization without effectively […]

Google’s Focus on Local Search

Google is a company that is constantly changing. For years now, the strength of the most popular search engine in the world has been that it is constantly improving. The owners of Google are never complacent, and work hard to constantly change the algorithms of the search engine in order to provide their users with […]

Marketing Ideas for Small Business

When a small business plans on beginning to market their business over the Internet, it can be very difficult finding what is necessary to create an effective marketing campaign for their business.   A variety of places on the Internet specialize in Internet local marketing for communities, but it can still be tough to find what […]