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How to Use Email Marketing in a Local Business

Many small, local businesses wouldn’t think that email marketing has something to provide them. They think that internet marketing for small business consists of just putting up a static webpage and an address on a business card. In the real world though, internet marketing can be so much more than that, even for a small, […]

Marketing Tips for Local Business

When you’re trying to promote a small business, every little thing that you do needs to be thought out before hand. The reason for this is that every dollar that you spend, and every hour that you pour into marketing efforts, is extremely valuable when you’re working on a very small scale. That is why […]

B2C: Building Relationships with Social Media

Something that small businesses need to consider today is what methods they have available to them that will allow them to connect with their customers. Small business internet marketing is all about connections and networking and building relationships. Everyone that you come into contact with online could be a potential customer some day, so you […]

Why Networking is Critical for Small Business

There are many critical skills that the small business owner needs. Marketing is obviously one of these and sales would be another. One pieces of small business marketing advice that all small business owners should heed though, is that networking is a skill that might be just as critical as marketing or sales. This is […]

What Does a Local Internet Marketing Consultant Do?

If you’ve been reading up on ways to promote your small business online and have been browsing marketing tips for small business, you have probably heard that a local internet marketing consultant may be able to help your company. However, it might not be clear exactly what a local internet marketing consultant does. Understanding what […]

Internet Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Internet marketing small business techniques are about much more than creating a website and taking it online. You cannot just carefully create a website and expect it to be a success overnight. Creating a successful website requires careful planning and strategic decisions. Without this, your website is almost guaranteed to fail. But this doesn’t mean […]