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Social Media: How It Works for a Small Business

When you’re trying to create a marketing campaign for a small business, you need to think about the best ways to generate the maximum effect for the minimum effort. While this is surely a truism which applies to all types of marketing, for all types of businesses, it is especially important in the case of […]

Local Marketing – 7 Tips to Local Online and Offline Marketing

1. Google Local Business Center Promotion Having your business found in the Google local business Center when prospects are using search engines to find businesses like yours is likely single most important source of traffic that you can convert to a desirable call to action such as picking up the phone call you to set […]

I’m A Local Business Owner…Who Cares About The WORLD Wide Web?

Let’s be upfront right from the beginning. Local business owners never have enough time. You are constantly fighting the fire of the day, managing employees, servicing customers and handling finances along with all the other “hats” you wear. So, why should you care about what is happening online when your “bread and butter” comes from […]

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