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Seven Steps to Improve Your Website Conversion for Local Business

So, you have decided that your website is in need of website conversation, but you are unsure what areas of your site need the most work?  It is crucial that a business on the World Wide Web know how to convert their site properly for business, along with how to sell SEO to optimize your site to get as many clients to visit as possible.

Many companies on the internet know little about how to sell SEO, so it is crucial for future business that these local companies find someone who has experience in how to sell SEO, along with knowledge of how to do proper website conversion.  There is no hidden secret to proper website conversion; so many local businesses who pay close attention to their website can improve their leads or sales by following these simple seven steps alongside having an employee who knows how to sell SEO.

Step 1: Content

When creating the content for your site, remember that most readers on the Internet do not want to read an eBook.  They want content that is lacking in fluff and that is quick and to the point about your product or services.  Also, make sure that all content is written by someone that knows how to sell SEO for the most search engine optimization.

Step 2: Imagery

Remember to place images strategically on your website to go along with any content.  This will help compliment the content that you place on your site.  As before, make sure captions are written by someone who knows how to sell SEO to improve your search engine results.

Step 3: Browser Size

This is a much overlooked fact when making business websites.  With the age of Internet capable cell phones, remember that users will be viewing your website on different sized screens, so make sure it looks appealing.

Step 4: Cross Browser Capability

Different clients use different browsers, so make sure your site works on the most popular browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Mozilla, etc.  Many clients will just close a website that does not work in their browser since they will assume it is a problem with your website; not their browser.

Step 5: Color Choice

Pick colors that are soothing to the eyes, but also attract attention.  You don’t want to have a color scheme that makes your clients uncomfortable and want to leave your site.

Step 6: Contact Information

Make sure that customers feel like they have a form of recourse if something goes wrong or they wish to contact you.  Not having this information can confuse customers into believing you are scam.

Step 7: Stimuli

Out of all the steps, this is the one that will catch your future customer’s attention.  Create visual stimuli or headings that will catch your customer’s eye.  This can many times be the description that the client will find about your website in a search engine, so have headlines written by someone who knows how to sell SEO.

By following these simple steps, local businesses can easily improve their website conversion.  These simple steps will save many local businesses both time and money.

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