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How to Create Your Own Jobs in Marketing

The internet has made it possible to be an entrepreneur in almost any line of work. Before the internet, if you wanted to work as a marketing consultant you needed a very strong portfolio of work that you had done for high name employers to even think about making a go of it on your own. On the internet though, results are going to speak louder than resumes, and if you can make some sights successful, you can start to create your own work easier than ever before.

When you’re getting started in online marketing, you need to build a portfolio. There are two ways to do this quickly. First, you can build some of your own sites and promote them online. If you can get your own sites popular and build a steady flow of traffic to them then you should be able to use them as your portfolio pieces. Alternatively, you can provide some work for free for some small startups run by people you know, or for not-for-profit organizations. This is a great way to actually build a body of substantial work. This will speak for your abilities far more than a website that just outlines your marketing education. Concrete results are what will bring you customers.

In order to create your own jobs in marketing, you need to become proactive about recruiting clients. The truth is that traditional jobs in marketing are very dear these days, and many people with marketing degrees are being forced to work independently, or to go into other fields if they don’t have the online skills that companies now value. If you are a wicked online marketer though, you should have no problem marketing your own skills over the internet and quickly brining in customers of your own.

This means having your own website. A good internet marketer who can drive prospective clients to their own site is already making a strong case for what kind of expertise they can bring to the client’s job. By showing that they know how to market a great website, their own in this case, they have given the client a real world example of the type of benefits that they can offer.

Small businesses make the perfect target for someone trying to create their own jobs in marketing. There are two reasons that small businesses are the perfect types of clients for an independent marketing professional. The first reason is that a small company cannot afford to keep a marketing person on hand at all time. Many companies that try this find it to be too expensive, drop it, and then find that they aren’t getting enough customers due to the lack of marketing. Striking this balance is difficult, but someone who can provide them with real results on a freelance basis is likely to look like a very attractive option.

The other advantage to working with small businesses is that they can help you form a niche for yourself. Many small businesses are looking to attract business from their local area, so you can position yourself as an expert in local search engine marketing. This is a very valuable skill to have, as Google is trying all the time to provide results that are more relevant on a geographic basis, knowing that more and more people are using Google Maps and Places to find the stores that they want to do business with.  Learning local search techniques is a great way to find clients, as you can approach small local businesses in your area with a very strong argument as to why they could benefit from hiring you to assist in their marketing efforts.

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