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Find your Right Accountability Partner

Accountability PartnerYou’ve heard the term ‘accountability partner’ before I’m sure, but most aren’t too keen on the idea of being ‘set up’ randomly with someone.

Running your own business, accountability partners provide guidance and hold their partners to their commitments to help them take their success to the next level.

Unlike mentorships or coaching, there is a reciprocity to the relationship, each partner is held accountable to the other.

Here’s some tips on picking the perfect accountability partner for you.

Clearly State Your Needs and Wants

This certainly can change of time. But it helps to set expectations so the other person knows what you’re hoping to get out of them. Discuss your weaknesses.  Other’s can’t help if they don’t know what your problems are.

Don’t use a friend.

This is not about your feelings.  Find someone that isn’t connected empathetically to you.

Likability is no Goal

It’s about trust, honestly and loyalty.  I know several people in business that I trust, who are honest people and very loyal to me.  But I don’t really care for them.

I do however care deeply for my partner at Local Marketing Source, but you’re talking Ying and Yang.  I’m the race car with no steering wheels, he’s the bumpers on the freeway.

Find someone you respect

It’ll really help to find someone in your industry, who’s not a competitor.  Go hang out on the LMS Public Facebook Page….or if you’re a LMS Member or LMS Premium Member, definitely post in the Private Groups you access.

But it’s not just about finding someone in your industry.  This isn’t a business coaching position, this person is here to hold you accountable.

Don’t Commit if you Can’t

You’ll end up losing credibility with others if you can’t keep your end of the deal.

Scrutinize your Partner’s Business and Life

My business partner with LMS and myself have very different personal lives.  But our core values are the same, especially when it comes to our children, family and friends.  Trust, Honesty and Loyalty are the basis of our relationship.

In our business, we run things very closely.  We tend to always find the right ground to compromise on.  My partner had me complete a Myers-Briggs Analysis.  I have all my Premium Students complete the DiSC Analysis.   Costs me $40 a pop, but trust me, well, well worth it.

You could ask yourself questions like how do they handle their clients? What books do they read?  How do they handle problems?

Use Video Conferencing

Skype or FaceTime aren’t the cool new thing anymore, but I insist on it with my Premium Members.  93% of all communication, the communication of emotions and feelings, the basis of any relationship, is not verbal.  This means the tone of our voice and our physiology play a huge part on trying to convey our message.

Text, email and even the phone miss out on the most important aspect of communication, our physiology.  I’ve heard this represents 55% of our communication.

Take my word for it, get on Skype.

Include a grace period

It’s essential.  Test it out for a few weeks.

Just talk about who you are in the first meeting.  Talk about your dream vacation.  Talk about your views on education.  Don’t discuss religion or politics.  You can have different view points there and it’s perfectly OK.

This is a Professional Relationship

If you hired me to be your accountability partner, I’d charge you $250 a week, for a one hour meeting.  Treat it like you’re paying this person $250 for their time.  Their time is as important as yours, and when you work, you should be doing jobs that pay you $250 per hour

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Scott Gallagher is a founding faculty member of Local Marketing Source and owner of WON Marketing, Inc. For over 14 years Scott has provided consulting and online marketing services to hundreds of businesses.

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