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Email Marketing in Local Business

Any local business is going to have to turn to the internet in order to find ways to thrive today. However, when you’re trying to promote your new local business opportunity online, it can be very easy to become completely overwhelmed by all the options you have when it comes to how to go about marketing your business. There are SEO, Social, Content, and Email options to consider, along with many more. Of all of the available means, they all work in one way or another and perhaps work best in combination. The one method that you absolutely can’t afford to ignore, though, is email marketing.

The reason that email marketing is so important is because it has consistently demonstrated the highest rate of return out of all the various areas of online marketing. With such a huge ROI possible through email marketing, you simply can’t afford to ignore it. The more time and money that you spend on email marketing, the quickly you can start generating some big returns for your local business.

Email marketing is all about generating a list. You need to capture as many email addresses as you possible can in order to create a mass emailing list that you can send messages to about your business. Now, when building this list, there are several important things to remember, but the most important is that you familiarize yourself with, and follow, all of the applicable CAN-SPAM regulations. You don’t ever want to be accused of spamming, or it could have a very negative effect on your business.

There are lots of ways that you can gather email addresses in order to build your list. The most common way is to put a sign up form for your list or newsletter on your website. However, you’re going to need a way to convince visitors to actually sign up. What most successful email marketers do is offer their customers something in return for signing up for the list. A good example is when a company offers a free report or eBook to those who sign up. Using an incentive is the surest way to grow your list quickly.

However you build your list, the larger it grows, the more powerful a marketing tool you have at your disposal. The important thing to remember is to not just send your list sales message after sales message. The best results typically come when someone structures their list like a newsletter. Share news and events with your subscribers, and offer them some genuinely useful content in all the emails that you send. This will make them much more likely to open the emails. If you just make every email a direct sales message, you will quickly find that people start to lose interest in opening your mails. If you make them interesting though, they will open them. This leaves you the perfect opportunity for a small mention of a product for sale, for example, something which you’re offering a special on for that week. That is how successful email marketing works.

When getting ready to embark on an email marketing campaign, you’re going to need to set yourself up with some sort of an auto responder program so that you have all the tools for managing your new list. The best programs, like Aweber and iContact, include all the tools you need for creating and managing a double opt in list. They provide people with a way to unsubscribe from your list, and help you make sure that you’re not sending out any emails which could be considered spam. You can also use them to generate an easy to use sign up form for your website.

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