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Local Marketing Industry Weekly Update – #191 – 12/23/15

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Local Online Marketing – A New Career in Difficult Times

In today’s economy, many people are being forced to change their career choice.  With little or no jobs available, if you’re waiting for large companies to begin hiring again, you may be waiting awhile.  This predicament has many people turning to the internet as a means to earn a living when jobs are scarce.  If […]

How to Include the Internet in Small Business Marketing

Small business marketing is something that most people don’t think enough about. They concentrate on the running of the business itself and often end up overlooking the marketing aspect because they feel that they don’t have the time or the money to devote to a proper marketing campaign. The best place to overcome these obstacles […]

Reviews Make (or Break) Online Local Marketing

Businesses can rely on online local marketing for growth and expansion. The Internet, being a medium that can reach millions of people around the world, is a great marketing tool. It can be used to efficiently disseminate information, process business orders, and as a way for corporate communication. Promotional media can be sent to a […]