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Website Conversion: Why is it Overlooked?

For all companies, it is an exciting day when their website makes its debut to the World Wide Web.  Confidence is soaring as they wait with anticipation for leads to start appearing, but alas, a week may pass with few to no leads.  Anger and frustration soon replace anticipation for this business as they try to understand what went wrong…until they realize that their issue was a lack of website conversation.

For those who are selling online marketing services, website conversion is especially crucial.  Creating a website that produces quality leads takes more than just creating a website loaded with search engine optimization keywords, but guaranteeing that your site creates confidence and is content heavy.  Many business sites seem to have a lack of understanding of what is necessary for creating a website that fits their needs; making it beneficial to look for companies that are selling online marketing techniques to improve their sales.

Another reason website conversion is typically overlooked is a lack of understanding of what is necessary for selling online marketing over the Internet.  Many businesses are excited to tell future clientele all about their product, feeling this is the most important content that they can deliver to their client to guarantee that their product or their pitch for selling online marketing services is a success.

What can unfortunately happen is the company forgetting to put emphasis on other information that can put the client at ease about doing business with these sites.  Many of these websites forget to give detailed information about their company, their experience with selling online marketing, and contact information, which makes the client feel the company will not scam them out of their money.  This information is crucial to any company’s success, making website conversation a necessity for a product or improving a company’s skill at selling online marketing.

It is easy to understand why most websites can easily overlook this information.  When companies were first moving their business to the internet, there were very few proven techniques that were guaranteed to bring business to a website.  Most of these techniques were learned through trial and error; making it nearly impossible for a company to determine what was truly necessary to bring the most business to their site.  Today, however, proper website conversion is critical for getting the most leads from the resources available to a business online.  For the amateur, it is crucial that they find a company to build their website with experience in selling online marketing to get the most sales online.

Website conversion has become a necessity in today online marketing, making it an important step when companies are looking to create a website that will overcome their competition.  Those who are experts at selling online marketing can expect for their sales to drastically increase in a short period of time since their clients will feel confident transferring their business to these corporations due to information on their website, guaranteeing returning business.  This makes it evident that proper website conversion can no longer be overlooked in today’s competitive market.

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Brian Grant / 9 April 2010 / Reply


Nice summary of what sometimes gets forgotten. I will be going back over my site to review how I can improve on these points


Tisha Silvers / 11 April 2011 / Reply

I totally agree with Rich on that point. I can see where some tweaking is definitely in order.

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