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Local Marketing Update #45 – Local SEO Tips – Viralsearch – Interflora SEO Tips and Recovery

Local Marketing Industry Weekly Update – #45 – March 6

Weekly Update Overview

• Microsoft’s ViralSearch: Search Engine For Measuring Tweets & Viral Content
• Google’s Matt Cutts Awarded Patent On Detecting Hidden Text & Hidden Links
• Interflora Is Back: What Did They Fix & How Did They Come Back So Fast?

Weekly Tips Overview

Last Week – Business Habits and Addiction
This week – Local Networking for Citation and Ranking
LIM Tip last week – Time Management. Balancing your personal and business life for success. Stop chasing the money, find inner peace, follow your passion and the money will follow.
LIM Tip this week – Local Networking to Create a Local Seminar for FREE

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Tisha M. Silvers
Great article – How to Avoid SM crisis – perfectly!

Weekly Local Business Tip

10. Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce
I know. This one comes with a price tag. Before you dismiss this tip completely, consider that there are only a few marketing decisions you can make today that have the potential to get you more business, save you money and provide a solid benefit in local search – joining your local Chamber of Commerce would be one of those decisions.
If you implement even just half of these tips, your local business is likely to grow. Remember to take care of your customers and engage with them.

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