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Internet Marketing Industry Updates: Microsoft, Google, and Facebook

Local Marketing Industry Weekly Update – #3 – April 25, 2012

This week’s agenda: Internet Marketing updates, Microsoft and Bing!, What’s new in the Internet Industry, & Facebook.

Welcome to the Local Marketing Industry Weekly Update. This presentation is brought to you as part of the Local Marketing Source professional development series for the local marketing industry. (Note: This is an audio presentation so turn up the volume on your speakers)

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Scott Gallagher is a founding faculty member of Local Marketing Source and owner of WON Marketing, Inc. For over 14 years Scott has provided consulting and online marketing services to hundreds of businesses.

2 Comments Published

Peter / 2 May 2012 / Reply

Hi Scott,
Thanks for putting efforts in these recordings.

Quick feedback: it would be great if at the start of the recording, you would tell us what the topics are. In written transcript, you can scan and chose what you want to read (relevancy) but in a recording that is not possible. Which means that whether you listen, or you do not.

Lots of people are busy – so it would be really useful if they know what is on the agenda.

Hope this feedback is useful.


Mike Carlson / 4 May 2012 / Reply

This is the first time that I have been on your weekly video. Great deal of info here. Interesting to see the interface between Apple, Facebook and Google in the local marketing marketplace. Interesting discussions about business models. Great emphasis on Statistics and content for users. Drives home the value of having great content or downloads for your website. Great place to find content in mainstream magazines. Really enjoyed this video, will be back.

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