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Internet Marketing Seminar Attracts New Local Business Clients

In an effort to help educate and provide guidance to help those not only in the execution of Internet Marketing Services to Local Businesses, I am also here to help you with acquiring customers. I mean customers that pay you, month after month.

One of the strategies we use at our agency is providing education to local business owners on the options available to them in their marketing toolbox.

We do this by collecting email addresses and then inviting them to a webinar, or this case, a live seminar. We also have some learned some other very effective methods for filling a seminar room with qualified prospects that I cover in detail in the Marketing Local Business Online Coaching Course.

In this example, we are hosting 23 local businesses in our office. We fed them, watered them and educated them. Some are, or are in the process, of becoming customers.

Here is the video of the entire seminar. If you want to provide Internet Marketing to Local Businesses, study how the presentation was delivered, the content and logistics.

If you want to use this presentation, that’s great! As part of the Marketing Local Business Online coaching course I provide the exact PowerPoint slides. You can use this in your own business, simply rebrand it.

Also, be sure to study the questions the business owners ask in the last 30 minutes. These are very typical questions that you should be prepared to answer.

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Scott Gallagher is a founding faculty member of Local Marketing Source and owner of WON Marketing, Inc. For over 14 years Scott has provided consulting and online marketing services to hundreds of businesses.

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Gary Smith / 6 November 2009 / Reply

Scott what an incredible resource and reffrence you have given here this is a real down to earth video it is very motivational. I am going to hold a seminar you rock thanks for sharing this

Alan / 5 December 2009 / Reply

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the presentation video.

Along with “social & business networking” strategies, you also imparted some really useful information in regards to helping local businesses get indexed and ranked on big G (Google).

As you may, or may not be aware, I am very interested in offering, and hopefully providing similar services as yourself to S M E’s within my own local area in the U K.

Your own seminar/workshop method has now provided me with some food for thought on how to go about getting prospective business clients interested in the valuable and much needed services that I am looking to deliver.

Many thanks

Alan H
(Independent Marketing & Business Development Consultant)

SEO TOOLBOX / 9 January 2010 / Reply

Freakin Amazing !

Hidden gem after hidden gem, given to you – FREE !

You would be lucky if you received half of the information covered in this video in the Paid Reports out there today.

Combine these strategies with the PROPER TOOLS and you have a business in a box that is destined to pad your wallet with cold hard cash.

Andrew Douglas
“Big City Enterprises”

thomas / 21 January 2010 / Reply

I just gave my first webniar last monday. Man I wished i seen this video prior to it.

I got another one scheduled for this saturday.

I definately to a lot of notes from the video and going to implement some these topics you had.

thank you very much.

Toledo Marketing / 27 January 2010 / Reply

Thank you for sharing this with your list. Being an offline marketer in Toledo I found it very helpful in acquiring ideas for presenting a presentation. I especially like the fact that you are able to convey the ideas with out giving away too much info or overly confusing the audience. I will be following on Twitter.

Boyce Erger / 26 March 2010 / Reply

What is the quickest way to make money online?

Scott Gallagher / 5 April 2010 / Reply

It seems that the typical message out there is spend a ton of money on a bunch of online course and keeping taking courses until you feel like an expert. But, for me, it was simply taking action with lots of long hours.

ipad screen / 17 June 2010 / Reply

hey scott, thanks heaps for the presentation. cheers matty t

Jen / 16 July 2011 / Reply

Fabulous presentation! Still watching it right now!

I found your site because I am in the process of putting together something like this right now and want to gather as much input from folks that are doing it successfully as I can.

In addition to the presentation, I would like to find the best ways to draw an audience to the seminar. How did you advertise it – cold calls to local businesses, flyers around town, referrals? I;m planning to do those as well as advertise through the Chamber I’m a member of. Any other ideas that worked really well for you?

Did you charge for people to attend?
If not, what’s the best free venue or did you get someone to sponsor it for you?

oh so many questions! Thanks for listening and any advice you might like to pass along!

Scott Gallagher / 18 July 2011 / Reply


We’ve done different things, but the easiest and cheapest way was a soft warm call to other Chamber of Commerce member, inviting them to an exclusive members only event and they get to come for free because of their affiliate with the same association as yours, your goal is to impress this association by offering actionable education. Of course others idea have worked, some haven’t and there surely could be another strategy, but we have filled a room of 20 companies in less than a day.

I wouldn’t charge for an hour seminar, but I’d charge for a one day workshop. Find a JV partner, like a local bank, and ask them to advertise your workshop to their clients, charging them $300. Split the profit with the local JV.

ipad speakers / 3 August 2011 / Reply

I benefit reading it. I have need of to learn more on this subject.. Thanks for the sake letter this marvellous post..

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