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How to Use YouTube to Grow Your Business

The best online marketers make use of a variety of tools available to them on the internet and this certainly includes YouTube, the world’s largest video sharing site. Video marketing has quickly proven itself as one of the most effective ways to market products online, as it brings both a visual and an interactive element into the marketing campaigns which is largely lost with many static websites. Here are six great ways to help your business grow using the resources of YouTube.

1. Don’t just post your videos on YouTube. In most cases, anything that you’re posting on YouTube should also be hosted on your own website somewhere. We all know how important it is to have content on our websites, and videos certainly count as content. In addition, people are very tired of the same old static sales pages, and videos have been shown in many cases to be valuable tools when it comes to boosting conversions.

2. Remember to provide real value. The same rules apply to video content as written, and that is that you should never try to trick, manipulate, or hard sell your customer, and instead provide them with something that is actually useful to them.

3. Have great headlines. Just like any other content, a great headline will get a viewer to give attention to the full content, in this case, watching your entire video.

4. Make sure your first shot is a dynamic and interesting one that arouses interest. The preview shot of a YouTube video is related very closely to a headline, in that the more interesting it is, the better chance you have of getting a visitor to click on the play button and watch the rest of your video.

5. Follow your good internet marketing rules that apply to all your other marketing efforts, such as tracking everything. Tube Mogul is suggested as a tool that can help you publish videos not only to YouTube, but also to the many other quality video directories that are out there. Then, it can also help you track the results and the data that you can get from the visits your videos get on these sites.

6. Stay active with your video. Although it is reasonable to expect you to leave older videos alone after a period of time, you need to stick with them when they’re first posted. If people post something on the comments section, be sure to respond.

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