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Local Marketing Industry Weekly Update – #144 – 1/22/15 Mobile SEO

Weekly Update Overview -11 Metrics For Monitoring LOCAL SEO Health -Stop Procrastinating: It’s Time To Address Mobile SEO Transcript Good afternoon everyone. This is Ian Sorenson with Local Marketing Source, bringing you our local marketing weekly industry update. I’m sitting in for Scott Gallagher today, he had a meeting this morning and got stuck in […]

Local Business Center now Google Places

Announced on April 20th, 2010, Google has changed the name of their Local Business Center to Google places. This is merely a branding move in our opinion.  We have seen evidence of Google expanding their search capabilities for local businesses since 2005 and the greatest changes happening in the last year. About year ago I […]

Important On-The-Page Triggers for Results with Local Businesses on Google

I have seen time and time again that a website’s rankings take a significant jump by changing some of more important on-the-page factors. This applies to both the organic results and the local business results. Organic Local businesses definitely need to be working towards ranking on both the organic listings and the local business results. […]