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Google’s Focus on Local Search

Google is a company that is constantly changing. For years now, the strength of the most popular search engine in the world has been that it is constantly improving. The owners of Google are never complacent, and work hard to constantly change the algorithms of the search engine in order to provide their users with […]

Effective Use of a Blog for Local Business

Many people who run a smaller local business are not getting even close to touching on how effective they can market their small business online. When just getting into small business internet marketing online, the error that many small businesses make is that they focus on just one method of internet business promotion, such as […]

How to Sell Internet Marketing

When you approach a business offering them local business marketing services, what do you think the first thing on their mind is? Believe it or not, it’s not always money. The first thing that most people want to know is just how much you can offer them in terms of knowledge and leverage against their […]

Reviews Make (or Break) Online Local Marketing

Businesses can rely on online local marketing for growth and expansion. The Internet, being a medium that can reach millions of people around the world, is a great marketing tool. It can be used to efficiently disseminate information, process business orders, and as a way for corporate communication. Promotional media can be sent to a […]

Learn Local Internet Marketing

Local Internet Marketing is merely marketing a business online. Most businesses, unless they begin online, are local. For example, a local bakery may service a small community and an airline may service an entire country, or a few countries. These businesses have borders. However, generally speaking when referencing local internet marketing, one considers a business […]

Local Marketing – 7 Tips to Local Online and Offline Marketing

1. Google Local Business Center Promotion Having your business found in the Google local business Center when prospects are using search engines to find businesses like yours is likely single most important source of traffic that you can convert to a desirable call to action such as picking up the phone call you to set […]

Local Business Opportunities

There are several opportunities to start a local business.  First, let’s define a local business and exactly what types of opportunities this article discusses. A local business is one that services a community with borders.  For example, a dry cleaning shop which services a 3 mile radius or an airline that services one country.  There […]

Local Search Marketing – How and Where to Start

Local search marketing is very often misunderstood and confused with online marketing for a small or local business. This isn’t the case. For starters, search marketing is the process of deploying marketing strategies that help create online transparency and exposure, in turn helping increase a business’ website to show up in the search engines. This […]