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Find your Right Accountability Partner

You’ve heard the term ‘accountability partner’ before I’m sure, but most aren’t too keen on the idea of being ‘set up’ randomly with someone. Running your own business, accountability partners provide guidance and hold their partners to their commitments to help them take their success to the next level. Unlike mentorships or coaching, there is a reciprocity to the […]

What Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around This time-honored principle of social interaction is a good basic guide for using social media. Another way of saying it is “You get what you give.” While these principles apply across the board in the social media universe, they are particularly applicable to brands marketing to customers in their local […]

LMS Member Scott Meadows Becomes Full-Time Business Owner

LMS Member Scott Meadows has been a student of Local Marketing Source since February 2012 growing his own local marketing agency. In February 2013, one-year after becoming a student of LMS, he was able to quit his lucrative full-time JOB and become a full-time business owner. He continues his professional development as an active LMS […]

[LMS Video] – Breaking Bad Business Habits for Local Marketing Agency Owners

LMS Scott Gallagher hosts his friend, and real person, Scott F. Gallagher from Toronto, Ontario to discuss common habits among entrepreneurs. Both Scott’s discuss four key business habits that most entrepreneurs continue to conduct for their own internal reasons. Mr. Gallagher demonstrates how to identify negative habits and how to break them, the first steps […]

How to Create Your Own Jobs in Marketing

The internet has made it possible to be an entrepreneur in almost any line of work. Before the internet, if you wanted to work as a marketing consultant you needed a very strong portfolio of work that you had done for high name employers to even think about making a go of it on your […]

Local Marketing Source is the new sponsor of Local BIZ Builders

I’ve got some great news!  Local Marketing Source, LLC is growing and is now the new sponsor of Local BIZ Builders, the leading local internet marketing forum for Local Internet Marketers. Recently we have become the new sponsor’s of Local Biz Buidlers, the leading local internet marketing forum.  Our goal is to continue in Keith’s, […]

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