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B2B: Building Relationships with Social Media

When you’re engaged in a business where B2B sales or relationships are important to you, then you need to start thinking of ways that you can build those types of relationships. Obviously, networking events are an important part of this, but these events can be time consuming and often require you to be away from your business. Instead, you should consider ways that you can connect with other business through social media. Using a local keyword tool, you can start to create a social media campaign that will help you network with other businesses.

Most businesses will now be engaging in their own social media campaigns. This is something that is becoming a commonly accepted business practice. As a result, business owners and managers are frequently on these sites monitoring their own campaign, which also means that they will be engaging in others that are using these sites. These are the same strategies that you would need to use in order to build relationships through social media, so it makes sense that they would be using them as well.

The key to building relationships with other business on social media requires a combination of two things. It requires the creation of your own great content that you are going to post on the social media sites. However, it also requires that you find the content that is created by the businesses that you want to interact with and engaging with their content.

This can be the big difference between creating relationships with customers directly, and with other companies. Because other companies are going to be focused on interacting with those who comment on their media, the same way that your company would be when targeting consumers, you need to go to them. Unless they have a specific reason to seek out B2B contacts, they won’t be as interested in seeking you out, so it’s important for you to go to them. Comment on their posts, post response media and so on, and eventually, a conversation can start to take place.

Conversation is the only way that meaningful relationships take place on social media sites. So, once you choose someone that you hope to create a relationship with, you have to follow up on your initial contact. Do not simply make a single comment on one piece of media put out by a business you want to form a relationship with. Instead, comment on all the material that they put out. The business will start to recognize you and welcome your comments, as well as respond to them more often.

It is important that you make comments on other businesses material informed and interesting. Simply saying “nice post” is the equivalent of waving at a stranger on the freeway, you shouldn’t expect any results from it. On the other hand, an informed post that possibly offers some new insight, asks questions, or proffers an opinion about the content is much more likely to get some attention paid to it.

Of course, you can’t spend all your time commenting on everybody else’s media. You also do need to have a solid social media campaign of your own going on where you are creating content on a regular basis. Make sure that your content has all of the qualities that you would look for in content posted by other businesses. Then, follow the same principles. If you get businesses, especially ones that you’ve been reaching out to, commenting on your material, then you need to be sure to engage in conversation with them however it is possible to do so. These principles extend to all forms of social media.

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