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3 Keys to Ranking a Local Business FULL Webinar

See our one-time special offer below Exclusive webinar with Scott Gallagher and he introduces the key concepts to rank a business in Google and other major search engines in 2016. These concepts are extremely detailed to show you: –> Step-by-step strategy for ranking a business #1 within 6 months in any market –> Exactly what […]

Find your Right Accountability Partner

You’ve heard the term ‘accountability partner’ before I’m sure, but most aren’t too keen on the idea of being ‘set up’ randomly with someone. Running your own business, accountability partners provide guidance and hold their partners to their commitments to help them take their success to the next level. Unlike mentorships or coaching, there is a reciprocity to the […]

Premium Agency Growth Plan

During this pre-recorded Live Webinar, you’ll learn Learn how to raises your visibility so prospects start asking you about your services. Discover how focusing on a type of business (niche) rather than geographical area gives your marketing focus that will improve conversion. Maximize your efficiency as each new client builds your credibility and presence in the market. You’ll […]

LMS Membership Cyber Monday Special

  LMS 50% Member Discount LMS LiveCast – 2pm EST December 1, 2015  

I’m FRUSTRATED by this notion…and I just laid into her…

I just laid into her.  I just got off the phone and I’m steaming. I’m getting tired of it.  I just had another sales call, essentially to use their service and promote for them.  She was from Canada.  I’m partial to Canadians…plus she sounded cute so I entertained the conversation. The call ended with some […]

I expect you to charge $10,000…

This is exactly what my PAGG student, Charles just said to me during our 75 minute one-on-one today. I’d like to introduce Charles. He was the furthest along among my PAGG students. He is doing $20k/mth right now, focusing on dentists in Australia. The interesting thing with Charles was that he built his business with […]

LMS Student Visits Scott on Beach

It was one of the BEST beach days of the year.  The weather was over 35 degrees (celcius) and LMS co-founder Scott Gallagher found himself drinking beer on his family beach one afternoon with LMS Student Gem Webb who runs an Owen Sound web design firm.  When the discussion turned Internet Marketing, the cameras came […]

Quick Review Acquisition Overview

I decided to post 3 minutes from today’s weekly LMS Member Call discussing our Review Acquisition Strategy.  This call is weekly for LMS Members.  Active LMS Members have access to a library of 60+ hours of video trainings, 50+ management documents and templates currently used at, student interviews & hot seats plus exclusive access […]