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5 Tips for Google+ Post Ads for Entrepreneurs


Back in April, Google launched +Post ads, a new advertising feature allowing Google+ users promote their Google+ content.

Google created this new feature in an effort to promote quality content instead of advertisements. +Post ads are displayed through Google Display Network and appear on multiple sources across the web.

If you’ve already been using Google+ to create content for your brand, you might want to consider using +Post ads. If your brand has at least 1,000 followers on Google+, then you’re able to take advantage of this feature. By using +Post ads, you’ll amplify your content and generate more shares, clicks, and +1’s.

Since your Google+ content is now going to be promoted as an advertisement, it’s important to create outstanding +Post content. Here are five tips for entrepreneurs wanting to use +Post ads to promote their business:

  1. Use high quality images.

To increase sharability, make sure every post includes a high quality image. It’s also important to pay attention to your image size. Some of the sizes for +Post advertisements include 728 by 90 pixels and 300 by 250 pixels. Remember, your content is going to viewed as an advertisement so you want to make sure it’s visually appealing to your audience.

  1. Incorporate video.

Videos are also another great way to attract people to your +Post ads. By incorporating videos, you’ll build more relationships with your views and attract more customers to your business’ website

  1. Take advantage of +Post formatting

Google+ allows users to format their font by using bold, underlined, or italicized options. To help you content stand out, make sure you use these features in your +Post ads.

For example, you could write your call to action in bold text or underline an important piece of information for your readers to remember. Regardless of how you decide to format your post, make sure it stands out to your audience and will persuade them to take action

  1. Create valuable content.

What makes +Post ads effective for brands is that your audience can share the content you advertise. +Post ads are unique because Google+ users can reshare, comment, or +1 the content featured in your ad. If you include a link to your website within your post, your readers will be able to click on the link as well.

  1. Understand your target audience.

As you plan your +Post ad strategy, it’s essential to understand your audience. The only way you can create a successful +Post ad is if you target the right audience with your content.

Whenever you create a +Post ad, think about what your target audience is looking for when they’re online. You should also consider their Internet browsing habits, their interests, and the niche communities they spend time with online. Taking these factors into consideration will help you create content that will get noticed by your desired audience.

If you want to reach a larger audience, then you should definitely think about using +Post ads. By following these tips when creating your next campaign, you’ll attract more people to your brand.

What are your best tips for using +Post ads?

AUTHOR:  Ivan Serrano.  You can reach Ivan on Twitter @IvanSerrano55.

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David Smethie / 6 January 2015 / Reply

Great article Ivan. Quick question for you. In the article, it states that to use Google+ Post Ads, your brand must have at least 1,000 G+ followers. Does that mean you need a company page with 1K+ followers, or can you also use your personal profile assuming you meet the 1K threshold? Thanks!

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